Yesterday was my birthday (yay me!) and I had the greatest day!

The power went out at work, so I got to leave 3 hours early.

I went out to lunch with my mom and my sister and got free vanilla ice cream with raspberry sauce on it, and no singing!

When Dustin got home he said he was planning on making me a surprise cake, but I got home early and messed that up… but it WAS a surprise because I got to sit and do nothing (ie play WoW) while it was being made, AND the choice he made on the cake and frosting turned out to be the exact mix of cake and frosting that I’ve been trying to get my sister to make for my birthday for years and she won’t (banana cake with milk chocolate frosting)/

I got to go out to one of my favorite restaurants for dinner where normally they make you a tin foil hat and be obnoxious singing to you.. but when we walked in, I wasn’t sure if I wanted all the hoopla so I asked the manager what they did for birthdays, and then I DIDN’T tell my waitress that it was… so no hoopla, no tin foil hat, no singing… yay! But after we got out to the car, the manager came running out with some $5 off coupons because the waitress didn’t do all this stuff for my birthday! I DID explain that it was my fault since I didn’t tell her… cause I didn’t want her to get in trouble or something!

I bought a lottery ticket… but I didn’t win.

Oh well.. the day was great anyway… and I guess the luck has to stop somewhere!

Bummer :)