new med!

So I’m going to keep track of my meds a little bit here. Mostly I want to keep a running track of how I’m feeling on new meds.

Currently I am taking:
– NovoLog: rapid acting insulin, every meal at a carb ratio of 1:4 and 1:15 for lowering a high (approximately 50/day maybe)
– Lantus: long acting insulin, 45 units at bedtime
– Metformin: pill, one 500mg pill twice a day
– Simvastatin: cholesterol pill

Today my doc prescribed one 100mg pill of Januvia. From what I can tell from reading the slip, and talking to my doc, and reading stuff online, Januvia is “a once-daily prescription pill that, along with diet and exercise, helps lower blood sugar levels in adults with type 2 diabetes.” according to the Januvia website. According to my doctor (I think), it should help my body know when its eating so that it can secrete the right amount of insulin. This is not the same as Metformin which apparently helps my body actually get the insulin moving and doing things, and helps with insulin resistance.

I also found out today that insulin resistance is one of the causes of not being able to get pregnant, and Metformin is prescribed for it. So just in case, when the time comes, I’m all set :)

Anyway… while this pill is supposed to be pretty good, some of the side effects seem to be ranging from really annoying to downright scary. They include headaches (sinus mostly), nausea, diarrhea, constipation, bloating. Those are the ones that I’m not happy about. But the other ones are scarier! Like pancreatitis, or some crazy skin infection that makes your skin fall off. Really!!

Point being… I’m going to be paying close attention to how I feel over the next little while. This stuff is supposed to start working in like 2 days, and is really supposed to be incredible, lowering blood sugars for regular daytime readings by some really good amounts. Not doing much for basal rates, but if I can cut out one insulin and 5 injections, I’m game!

As long as my skin doesn’t fall off!!


sick of it all

Today I am sick of everything.. most of it diabetes related.

I am sick of calculating odd portions of whole foods so that I can figure out how much I’m planning on eating.
I am sick of trying to figure out one portion of 3, or 5.
I am sick of not being able to eat things without a serious amount of thought first.
I am sick of trying to figure out why a type 2 diabetic would have lows.
I am sick of lows.
I am sick of trying to dress professionally at my job when I can’t show a speck of tattoo. (yes yes, my fault)
I am sick of trying to decide what might be cool enough to wear to work on a hot day when I have to dress professionally.

And cats peeing on the floor… and dishes… and .. and… and…

Yeah, I think I’m just in an annoyed mood…

wasting time…

I recently posted about my geekiness that is World of Warcraft. This is somewhat related… I think…

I’m sitting at work today thinking, wow, there is so much stuff that I want to be doing right now, and this is NOT it. Actually, it kind of is, because I’m typing up this bog post while I’m sitting here and I’ll put it up when I get home. But anyway, that’s beside the point.

I started thinking about my priorities and how skewed they are in some ways. For example… this is a lit of things I wish I could get out of work and do right now:
1. Play WoW.
2. Shop for stuff to make chainmail.
3. Make chainmail.
4. Watch a movie.
5. Shop for shoes.

This is a list of things I SHOULD be doing if I could get out of work right now:
1. Try to figure out why Michigan Works hasn’t called me to tell me that there is money available for the No Worker Left Behind program and that I can finally go to school.
2. Try to figure out when I should start the Medical Assisting program at Macomb, since I think I can pass out of the first semester because I already have the credits.
3. Garden. Trim bushes.
4. Clean the house. Especially vacuum.
5. Grocery shop (mmmmmm tomato basil mozzarella salad). Plan some meals so that the aforementioned grocery shopping is smoother.
** note: why does the grocery shopping need to be smoother?? Who cares how long it takes to grocery shop. I go through this every time. I want to rush in, get stuff, rush out, and then get all upset when it doesn’t move that fast… sheesh. I used to wander aimlessly through Meijers for hours just looking at stuff because I was bored.

Anyway… the point here is that if I got out of work right now, I wouldn’t do any of that. I would go home and play WoW. And tonight, when I actually DO get out of work, I’m going to play WoW. Which is great since its on the top of my list of things I WANT to do. But… I should be doing other things! I should be doing the things on list #2. I should be relearning how to dance, because I really enjoyed those classes we took last year. I should be planning yummy meals that I can make for next week. I should be going grocery shopping because I REALLY want that tomato basil mozzarella salad (and we’re almost out of toilet paper).

And I should REALLY be out walking, and rollerblading, and finding a yoga class, or joining a gym.

And I should REALLY be figuring out the school stuff.

But I’m going to go home and play WoW.


WoW :)

So.. I’ve mentioned it a couple times now, and I want to talk about it for a moment, so I figure I better give a little geeky background for a sec and say a little bit about an incredibly cool and annoyingly addictive game I play called World of Warcraft. WoW is an MMORPG (Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game). That means that I log in and play with a HUGE number of other dorks people who have also been sucked into this game. Literally. I can talk to them, run around with them, dance with them, kill things with them, etc. I have been playing for more than 4 years (since Jan 2006), and I’m still on the same server. I even have some toons (characters) in the very first guild that I was ever in… which is saying a LOT since the guild broke up more than a year ago, for like the 4th time.

This is where I’m going to lose some people…

Now I already have a level 80 mage and shadow priest who are both pretty well geared, even though I don’t run in any really big raids. And then my first ever toon, my shaman that I stopped playing for a while, just got to 80, but she doesn’t really have any gear. I started playing my warlock recently and was pretty excited about her for a while there, but kinda stalled at 76.

But now I’ve created a new toon, a druid. I LOVE playing her! I don’t remember enjoying leveling a character this much! When she got to 40 I made her Balance with a dual-spec in Resto (although I haven’t actually healing anything yet.. I’m too afraid). Every day I want to hurry up and get home and play! Yes, thats right, after FOUR years I’m still almost as addicted as I was when I started. For anyone who knows my “Fleeting Plainstrider in a Field” story which proved I was an addict, I just recently had a “Hey that plant looks like Bruiseweed!” moment, which just further shows what a dork I am. And as an aside, I DO known other people who have similar stories. Its NOT just me!

Ahhhh Blizzard… look what you’ve done to us….