WoW :)

So.. I’ve mentioned it a couple times now, and I want to talk about it for a moment, so I figure I better give a little geeky background for a sec and say a little bit about an incredibly cool and annoyingly addictive game I play called World of Warcraft. WoW is an MMORPG (Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game). That means that I log in and play with a HUGE number of other dorks people who have also been sucked into this game. Literally. I can talk to them, run around with them, dance with them, kill things with them, etc. I have been playing for more than 4 years (since Jan 2006), and I’m still on the same server. I even have some toons (characters) in the very first guild that I was ever in… which is saying a LOT since the guild broke up more than a year ago, for like the 4th time.

This is where I’m going to lose some people…

Now I already have a level 80 mage and shadow priest who are both pretty well geared, even though I don’t run in any really big raids. And then my first ever toon, my shaman that I stopped playing for a while, just got to 80, but she doesn’t really have any gear. I started playing my warlock recently and was pretty excited about her for a while there, but kinda stalled at 76.

But now I’ve created a new toon, a druid. I LOVE playing her! I don’t remember enjoying leveling a character this much! When she got to 40 I made her Balance with a dual-spec in Resto (although I haven’t actually healing anything yet.. I’m too afraid). Every day I want to hurry up and get home and play! Yes, thats right, after FOUR years I’m still almost as addicted as I was when I started. For anyone who knows my “Fleeting Plainstrider in a Field” story which proved I was an addict, I just recently had a “Hey that plant looks like Bruiseweed!” moment, which just further shows what a dork I am. And as an aside, I DO known other people who have similar stories. Its NOT just me!

Ahhhh Blizzard… look what you’ve done to us….



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