After exercising close to bedtime last night, having a little bit of a snack, and turning in with a respectable BG of 96 (good for me because I have a little dawn phenomena I think), I expected to wake up this morning in an acceptable fasting BG range and pay close attention during the day to make sure I wasn’t starting to head low, since the exercise thing is new to me.

I was NOT expecting to wake up seeing a 149 which stayed there the whole day! When I started getting ready to leave work I tested again to make sure I was still good to go for my drive home, and again, I didn’t need to worry… rocking away at 155, 2 ½ hours after eating lunch.

Now I’m trying to figure out if I’m just a control freak who needs to let go, or what. My A1c is a pretty decent 6.5%, and my meter readings generally agree. So should I be getting all irritated at a 150 that sticks around for the day, or is that just crazy? I’m wondering what other people consider “high”. I mean, obviously a 300 popping up randomly is gonna be high, but that’s just a given. What is a “normal” high? At what point do you stop sitting back complacently and start correcting?

I hope I’m not going to piss anyone off by complaining about a 150 when that might be normal for quite a lot of people. But for me, getting my numbers in that range after being uncontrolled since diagnosis was something I had to work to get to, and I’m glad to be there! I think its just the OCD part of me coming out and getting angry with that number. In all honestly, I’m not too terribly concerned about it, unless it just keeps climbing or something, but it struck me as interesting that I was frustrated with it all day today, and it made me wonder what other people’s opinions were!

Anyone have any?


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