Wordless Wednesday (on Friday)

Wednesday the 3rd was “Wordless Wednesday” on the suggestion list for 30 Days of Diabetes Blogging,and their helpful suggestion was to post a pic or a video about the three most important things that help my diabetes management. Its not Wednesday, but does that really matter? :) So here goes!


 Obviously my meter is one of my most important tools. It tells me if I should or shouldn’t eat, and what, and when, and how much insulin I should take… etc etc etc


I am a freakishly devoted logger. Even with my meter having nice storage capabilities with graphs and time stamps and all kinds of records, I log everything. Everything I eat goes in there. That way if I remember eating it and can look it up, I can also see how it affected my next reading. Every number goes in there, from BG tests to insulin doses to BP readings while at the docs. One thing that its REALLY done for me is the reason they recommend keeping a food journal. Its shown me what I eat and when so I can see where my problem food areas lie.


And of course, the bestest guy I’ve known (aside from my daddy!). Dustin was already in my life when I was kinda forced to make the big changes to my diabetes care. He learned right along with me about counting carbs and stuff, and of course he’s the one who has to deal with me being super cranky when I get low. So yeah, he’s a pretty important part of my diabetes management  :)


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