best way to exercize!

So we got a Kinect for the Xbox yesterday. It is so cool! We got the Adventures game that came with it, we got Dance Central, and we got the Sports one (which we haven’t even gotten to try yet). I have to say that I am very excited for it! My whole reason for wanting a Wii (which we didn’t get) was because I wanted Wii Fit so that I could have something fun to do for a workout so I could start exercising.

The Kinect seems like it will definitely do the job for a workout! We played the Adventures game together and it was lots of fun and we both were breathing heavy afterwards, and then we did the Dance one and…. well… if I can figure out how to dance then it will be a great workout. I’m a horrible dancer, and totally klutzy, so me trying to figure out these dance moves, even with instruction, is difficult at best. But even so, it was fun to just TRY to do the moves!

I’m really excited to start getting some exercize though! With my schedule for work and school right now it seems like every single day is just so busy. By the time I get home, get some homework done, and get dinner moving, its already late. I think my brain tries to overthink thins though. I don’t want to eat too late because that’s supposed to be bad for weight loss and stuff, and I don’t want to exercize too late because that’s supposed to cause problems sleeping, so on some days I just don’t know what to do, so I just sit and watch tv or play WoW, although that’s rare these days too.

But we’ll see how it goes! Hoping to drop some pounds so that when the time comes that I want to have a baby I’ll be in a good weight range. Of course, it will also help with the insulin amounts I hope, so that I don’t have to take quite as much.. which will be really helpful if the pump goes through.



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