Mouthwatering Monday

Well I just realized that yesterday’s post didn’t post, so I hope it doesn’t affect my NaBloPoMo!

Quick update on the Victoza (in case people are actually reading my blog for the purpose of seeing how it is going). I moved up to the 1.2 mg dose of Victoza on Saturday night and I will definitely say that I’ll be pushing it to just before bedtime from now on. I’m definitely feeling the “slight nausea”. I had been trying to decide if it was just coincidence and I was just coming down with something but I don’t think so. It seems like about 45 min after I take the shot I feel kinda queasy. I felt that way last week while I was ramping up and I definitely feel it now. I’m hoping that it goes away, because that was kinda the big thing for me NOT wanting to take it. My weight is still within range of normal. Since starting it I had gained 3, lost 4, gained 2, which means that I’m 1 pound up from when I started it, but we’ll see how that continues!

Now to continue to the 30 Days of Diabetes Blogging suggested topic for today:

“Mouthwatering Monday: What is your favorite entrée, and how does it affect your blood sugar?”

I love food. This is clearly one of my issues. But since going on insulin I’ve been really making a huge effort to eat better. I do ok sometimes, other times I don’t. My favorite entrées generally include tons of carbs, which are obviously not great. I love cereals and pastas and breads and potatoes. I love desserts.

Its hard for me to pick a favorite, especially since it varies so frequently. It depends on if I’m thinking of everyday foods, or only special foods. It depends on breakfast , lunch, or dinner. It depends on fast-ish or homestyle cooking. One of my favorite foods that is actually pretty good for me is the Fuji Apple Chicken salad from Panera Bread. I’ve only just recently become a salad person, so I’m still really picky about which ones I like, and that one is good and also leaves me feeling like I ate enough.

But then another thing I love is Chicken Fried Rice. Which is just sooo bad, all over the place. And it just wouldn’t be the same with substitutions, so when I do eat it, I just deal.

I guess the thing that actually affects my blood sugar most though is pasta. Even if I try to cover it right, it always really hits me harder than I expect.

I guess food is still a learning curve for me! :)


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