Endo Experience – Part 2

After my incredibly awesome (NOT!) experience with the diabetes education part of my meeting, she did finally show me a couple of pumps.  I got to play around with the Revel and the Ping and I still like both of them.  I honestly don’t think I have an opinion between the two.  The big plus for the Ping is the remote bolusing and the waterproof part.  I don’t do a LOT on the water, but it would be nice to know that I can.

After that she hooked me up to an iPro.  Its a continuous glucose monitor for professional use.  The professional use part means that I can’t see any of the numbers, which is a bummer, because I’m quite curious and won’t know the results until my next appointment in mid December.  But its interesting!  I didn’t realize that it needed a giant piece of adhesive plastic wrap covering the whole thing.  Although it makes sense, I just never really saw it before.  For a while on the first day I was afraid to move as much, thinking I would pull it out or pull the sticky thing off, but then I got used to it.  I’ll be going in tomorrow for them to take it off, but so far its still stuck on there real good and I haven’t even really noticed it there, even sleeping on it.

The other interesting thing is that my actual endo came in with the results of my labs and everything was good.  My A1c has dropped from 6.5% in August to 6% now (big yay!!), and everything else looks excellent, including my cholesterol.  BUT.. there is something funky going on why my thyroid.  She actually wasn’t really sure (or maybe she just didn’t explain it to me fully?), but they think that my thyroid is being sluggish based on some numbers that were a little off.  So they put me on a tiny little dose of Synthroid.  Unfortunately, she wants me to have the brand name, which means its way more expensive.  I’ll try it for now though. As for that, though, I’m putting together a bunch of questions because I don’t know a lot about the thyroid issue, so I want to find out more and then talk to her again.  Apparently 2 of the numbers were within normal range and then one number was off the charts high, so its kinda weird I guess.

Anyway, enough for tonight…  I’m heading to bed!  But I’ll be back tomorrow for the Big Blue Test!


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