Today is….

Today I did the Big Blue Test to show support for World Diabetes Day.  I tested at 2:00 and my BG was 121.  Then I made my boyfriend go walk in the cold with me.   It was incredibly cold, even once we started really walking, so a big thank you to Dustin for braving the cold with me! We did 3/4 mile in the 15 minutes that we walked, and when I tested again I was 98.  So that just goes to show the positve power of exercise!

After that I went shopping with my sister, so I got in some MORE exercise than normal today, which was good.  Amazingly I did not drop below 95 the whole time I was out, so that was good too.

Remember, though… exercise is good for every day, not just World Diabetes Day, and advocating for diabetes awareness should be every day too!


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