the last day….

So yesterday was my last day of work at the company I’ve been with for the past 2 ½ years. This was the first time I’ve left a job purely of my own volition, with purpose. And it’s the first time I’ve left that I’ve truly felt a sense of actually being saddened by leaving! I’ve left jobs before, but they’ve been jobs where I left because I really couldn’t stand it anymore. This one I’m leaving so that I can start my new career that I’ve finally finished school for.

That’s right! Starting on Monday I will be doing my externship for medical assistant, and then after that I’ll be getting a job as such! I am so excited!! This I pretty much the goal I’ve been aiming at for a while now. I’ve been aiming for the medical field for a much longer time but trying to get the MA for a good number of years now. It’s a perfect career either to stop in and (hopefully) have a family or to work in while I go on to nursing or another place in the field. I’m honestly happy with whatever way it ends up! I am just so glad to finally have had the opportunity to get to this point in my life. I’m thanking my boyfriend first and foremost for being so patient with this process and letting me get it done!! I love him to pieces :)

And I’ve made a handful of really excellent friends in the process of this too, and I’m quite grateful for that! To be going out into the great unknown (cue the dramatic music) with people I care about by my side (well, across town in other offices), makes me feel better about it too. I’ve definitely got a handful of nerves here! I’m always nervous doing a new job. This one even more so because although I have the knowledge of how to do it, it’s a type of job I’ve never done before, so it will be a new experience for me.

But YAY!!

On to bigger and better things :)


The Story of Why I’ve Been Missing…

So its been a long time since I’ve written anything, and a lot of stuff has been going on. The biggest reason I stopped writing so much really was because of school. I was attending the fall semester and taking an online medical terminology class and a business communications class that just kinda kicked my butt with all the work we had to do, namely a couple of fairly large projects. But it all turned out really well, and I got A’s in both classes. Yay me!

So when I got started in the medical assisting program at that school, the coordinator told me that it was ok to hold off until the winter semester because that way I could get my prerequisites done and they’d be starting up a brand new program with that semester anyway. So I got prepared and picked out my classes and my schedule and had it all set up. And it was going to be really difficult to work out with my work schedule and I would hardly ever be home and hardly ever see my boyfriend. But I was all set to do it!

And then I found out that they put me at the bottom of the list because I hadn’t taken any of the program courses. Even though the coordinator told me that I wouldn’t have that problem if I waited till the winter semester. So then by the time I was able to register for classes they had removed all the evening classes that I was planning on taking, and then there were no spaces left in the other classes either. So I would have had to wait another YEAR to be able to get started on the program.

So I decided to go to another school, specifically for medical education. It was a lot more expensive, and I don’t get my associate’s degree that I was so close to, but it was only 7 months long and then I’d be done and be able to take the certification test and everything. So I signed up for the morning classes (due in part to some miscommunication with my boss) and switched to part-time at work (which was very nice of them!) and I’ve been working my butt off since then and now finally I get to start my externship on June 20 and then 6 weeks later (approximately), I will be completely finished and will be a Medical Assistant and then when I take the certification or registration exam I’ll be a Certified or Registered Medical Assistant. Yay!! I’m almost there!!

My externship is all set up at a gastrointestinal office in a very nice part of town, and I’m really excited because the staff seems like they honestly enjoy working there, and since I started talking about it I’ve had people come up and tell me that they’ve been there before and so it seems incredible from the patient perspective too! Initially I was concerned about going into a specialist to do my externship because I was worried I wouldn’t get a well-rounded experience, but I decided to go with the opportunities that I was given and it seems like the fates are on my side this time! Again with the yay me!

I know that I tend to put too much information in my blogs and they’re probably really boring to read but now I’m up to date and all my loyal readers (ummm yeah…. ALLLLL those readers) know why I’ve been missing for so long.

Back soon!