For my class today I had to submit a post, not on my journal or blog though, about my earliest memory.  I was amused because as I was writing I kept remembering more and more things, but I couldn’t get them all posted into the one little discussion, so I shortened it.  This is more of what I was thinking about though…

Assignment 3.1: Discussion

The earliest memory that I can gather is from when I was about 4 years old.  I remember being hot and wearing my Mighty Mouse shirt and going on big metal slide that was very very hot.

I know after talking to my parents that this is from a trip that we took to Florida when I was 4 years old.  I don’t really remember much else but I remember that hot slide!  My mom has told me that my sister (then 2) was sleeping in the car and that was the reason I got to play on the playground, and I vaguely seem to remember that too, but I can’t decide if that is because she told me or because I actually remember it.  I remember the shirt, though, because it was one of my favorites and I kept wearing it until I was about 6 and it was way, way too small for me.

I remember camping with my whole family, immediate and extended.  We used to go camping there every year because the property belonged to someone in my family down the line and every year they leased the land for the Wheatland Bluegrass Festival.  I think the reason that I remember this memory from so long ago after all these years is because there was a certain smell that the field had when we camped there and every time I smell it I remember other smells and the memory comes back.  Sometimes I remember other years of camping more that were more recent.

As I was writing this I was discussing the trip with my mother and describing to her the picture that I was thinking of, so that she could dig it out for me to use.  She definitely remembered the camping and me climbing on the rocks.  She has said that she always remembered the smell of the tent because it was sometimes pretty hot and the tent had a certain smell to it.

Here are a couple pictures of “little me” from this time frame :)

1979, age 3

now I know where my love of tree climbing came from!

me and my daddy :)

Mighty Mouse!!

wow! look how young we BOTH are!


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