Assignment 4.2: Case Study

** Please note:  This blog post was written in whole or in part as an assignment for a class that I was taking.  If you decide to use some of my work in your own assignments, please give credit where credit is due and cite your source!  Thanks :) **


Freda is a second year college student and part-time model. She is studying biochemistry, and has a high GPA. She has been modeling for four years and has recently been approached by a modeling firm in London. They would like to offer her a great deal of money to work for them, but she would have to put her college plans on hold.

Freda’s mother thinks she should go to London and experience the world for a while. “Biochemistry will still be here when you get back,” she says. In reality, her mother hopes that the proceeds from modeling job will help get their family home out of foreclosure. Freda is aware of this and wants to help her mother.

Freda’s situation is complicated by her bulimia. She knows that if she takes the modeling career, she will be faced with criticism of her size and attractiveness. She is naturally shy, and as a high profile model, she will have little privacy.

Our assignment this week is to write an analysis of the motivational and emotional factors that are involved in the case study above, taking into consideration the following:

  • What factors are motivating Freda to accept the job in London?
  • How might these motivational and emotional factors affect Freda’s decision?
  • What incentives and drawbacks do each of Freda’s choices come with?

Achievement motivation is definitely one of the biggest motivational factors involved in Freda accepting the job in London, however, it is also a factor in keeping her home and continuing with her biochemistry degree.  By moving to London and taking the modeling job, Freda will make a great deal of money.  This will not only help Freda, but it will also help her family take care of their family home too, which is important to them and to Freda.  By staying home and finishing her degree, she will be finished with the career she plans to use for the rest of her life, and so can get on with the rest of her life.  Although it may be a little bit later in coming, a degree in biochemistry will be profitable as well.

Sexual motivation is important in her decision as well because, if she takes the modeling job, she will be constantly pressured and criticized about her appearance.

Emotional factors are also at play, especially in Freda’s concern over her appearance if she takes the modeling job.  Being bulimic already shows that she has poor self confidence in her appearance and being in a position where size is very important, she may start to feel depressed, worthless, and self-destructive.  However, if she enjoys modeling, happiness is another emotional factor that might push her to make the decision to move, because she would enjoy what she’s doing and get a chance to “see the world”, as her mother put it.

The incentives to move to London are that she would be making a great deal of money and getting to see the world.  She would be able to help her family keep their home as well.  The drawbacks are the emotional stress she may be putting herself into, and potential for further self-destructive behavior.  In addition, she will have to hold off on finishing her college degree.

The incentives to staying home would be that she can complete her degree and move on to making the same kind of money in her chosen career.  Although there would be stress, it may be less stressful than being a prized model because she would not have to be quite as concerned about her appearance.  The drawbacks to staying home are that she would lose out on a great opportunity to make money and go someplace for a while.


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