my eyeballs….

So I had Lasek surgery on my eyes last Thursday!   The difference between Lasik and Lasek is basically that my corneas were too thin to cut that flap out before burning through my corneas with a laser, so instead they just burned right through and I spent the whole weekend with bandaid contact lenses in (not vision correcting at all, just like a bandaid for my poor, laser burned corneas).  This pretty much gave the impression of wearing a filthy grimy pair of old contacts for three days straight, with all the accompanying burning and pain, and none of the relief of knowing that I could take them out at any time!

I got the contacts out today and while I’m happy to report that my eyeballs aren’t killing me anymore, I can’t see any better than when I had them in :(  I intended to go to work today but its about all I can do to increase my screen fonts by about 600% and type this one message!  Although it does seem better now than it did a few hours ago, so that gives me hope that tomorrow I’ll be able to work without getting yelled at for something…. well at least not something related to not being able to see… … … …

But so far, I’m totally thrilled!  I can see myself in the mirror when I get ready in the morning, and I can … see!!  Even if my vision doesn’t turn out to be perfect (which is a risk I had to take!) I’m quite happy with what I expect the results to be!

I had to skip out of the last half of d-blog week, so I’ll be finishing up those posts sometime and posting them anyway, just because I enjoy having a topic to post about.. in case anyone found themselves here based on previous posts…

I’ll update more when I can see a little better!



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