Assignment: First Person Anecdotal Evidence

** Please note:  This blog post was written in whole or in part as an assignment for a class that I was taking.  If you decide to use some of my work in your own assignments, please give credit where credit is due and cite your source!  Thanks :) **

New unit in school, so new types of assignments!  Here is one for this week…

Have you ever made decisions using causal arguments based on anecdotal evidence? Give examples. Explain why you used anecdotal evidence. What was the result? Did the decisions prove correct?

I think that everyone makes decisions based on anecdotal evidence, and quite frequently.  I don’t think that it is necessarily a bad idea to make a decision this way, as long as you are aware that you are making a decision based on opinions rather than facts.  It would help to add some research to your anecdotal evidence, but that would not be the point of the assignment!

I have personally made decisions this way in regards to certain aspects of my health care. When I was first diagnosed as a diabetic my doctor really didn’t give me any information about what was going on or what I should be doing.  He impressed upon me the seriousness of the matter, but provided me with little more than the basics in how to deal with this disease.  Almost immediately I came across a variety of situations where I didn’t know what to do.  I did a lot of research on my own and gained a lot more information, but since it was all new to me I wanted to find out what had worked for other people.  I started looking online for other people and reading their questions, other people’s answers, and a variety of opinions.  I eventually found a wonderful community of people who were happy to talk about a variety of different subjects relating to diabetes, and loved to share stories of events and how things worked for them.  In particular I learned more about how to adjust my doses and learned why certain types of insulin seem to work better than others in certain types of people or certain types of situations.  Based on other people’s opinions and stories I was able to manage my own disease.

Disclaimer: My decisions and actions were mine and my doctor WAS consulted, so don’t just take your medical care into your own hands!!  :)


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