My name is Lynn (aka Ninja Lima Bean), and this is my blog!

I created this blog mostly for school work, but I liked using WordPress so much that I switched over from my old blog at Blogger!

I’m a medical assistant working on my Associates degree in Applied Science… in medical assisting!  One day I plan to go on to get my nursing degree and maybe become a Certified Diabetes Educator, but that might be way off in the future.

I am a daughter, a sister, a friend, a girlfriend, one day a wife, hopefully one day a mother, a student, a reader, an author, sometimes a rock star, a diabetic, a severe weather freak, a World of Warcraft geek… I am a ninja lima bean…

I guess now is a good point to explain the name!  One day long ago I was asked what kind of vegetable I would be if I were a vegetable… I pondered this for quite some time before I decided on lima bean.  They are a fun color, tasty, smooth, and an interesting shape…  sounds like me!  Kind of…  But I used it so much that it started to evolve.  There are drawings of little lima beans all over the place and one day I made one of them a ninja, and thats the part that stuck :)



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