New ink!

For the first time in almost a decade, I have finally gotten a new tattoo!  There are so many ideas that I want to get done, but this was the easiest to get at this time.  The main reason I got it right now because I went with my sister to get her new ink and was so jealous just sitting there watching  :)

Ninja Lima Beanlima bean tattoo 2

Finally, my Ninja Lima Bean in the flesh… literally!

Plus, its small enough that I can mostly hide it under my watch at work if I need to :)


Making Do… (assignment 4.1)

** Please note:  This blog post was written in whole or in part as an assignment for a class that I was taking.  If you decide to use some of my work in your own assignments, please give credit where credit is due and cite your source!  Thanks :) **

While this started out as a homework assignment, I decided to put it up here as well because I like questions that make me think…

Select one of your personal beliefs that is not an established fact. Examine your reasons for holding this belief. Are the reasons sufficient? If not, why do you hold the belief in spite of insufficient premises? Is it practically useful? Is it unavoidable?

Most of my classmates had already posted their discussions and nearly all of them were about the topic I had intended to write about…. pay it forward, what comes around goes around, and karma.  So I decided to pick a different belief: the power of positive thinking.

I’m not sure that my reasons for following this belief are very actively planned out or insightful.  I believe that no matter what is happening, if you can put a positive outlook on it, even a small bit, things will come out better.  I guess it kind of goes along with the every cloud has a silver lining belief too, that if you look for the positive in something, you’ll find it, somehow.

I guess I hold to these beliefs, even though they have insufficient premises, because it makes life more bearable to look at things in that way.  During a darker time in my life, I didn’t look at things like this, and I think that it contributed to the bleak feelings I was already feeling.  For me, it is practically useful.  It makes working with a cantankerous boss survivable.  It makes trying to have a baby and not succeeding (yet) bearable.  And on the mundane side of things, it just makes every day a little bit brighter.  I like being able to smile at people because I’m generally happy, not forcing the smile onto my face.


more about the old eyeballs

So its been almost 2 weeks since I had the Lasek surgery on my eyes… and let me say, its been a trial!!  After I got the contact lenses removed I was so thrilled to not be in pain (from them) and to also be able to see.. but the whole next week was torturous because i developed EXTREME light sensitivity.

Anyone who has had eye surgery I’m sure can say that yes, bright lights are very very bright.  My sister complained about it when she got her eyes done, although she probably will say she doesn’t remember because it was so long ago.  But this was really really really bad!!!  I had a really hard time driving to and from work because I literally couldn’t keep my eyes open long enough to focus.  It was a horrific drive, trying to blink constantly, get my focus, and shield my eyes (some days with 2 pairs of sunglasses on).

I still have a hard time in the mornings, but by the afternoon I’m usually doing pretty good and can see things without squinting.. usually.  I have to constantly apologize to patients in my office for squinting at them or looking at them with my eyes half closed.  I don’t want them to think I’m half asleep!!

The weirdest thing is that if I hold my hands over the top of my eyes, forming a little shelf with blinders on the sides, its almost like giving my eyes a solid line to focus out of and that seems to help.  I don’t know why though… its very odd.

I think that part of this comes from a side effect of the Ciprofloxacin drops that I had to put in my eyes… its listed as one of the side effects but maybe it just affected me more?  I don’t know.  I’m glad those drops are done (as of today), so I can see if that was part of the reason.

Fun fun fun!

my eyeballs….

So I had Lasek surgery on my eyes last Thursday!   The difference between Lasik and Lasek is basically that my corneas were too thin to cut that flap out before burning through my corneas with a laser, so instead they just burned right through and I spent the whole weekend with bandaid contact lenses in (not vision correcting at all, just like a bandaid for my poor, laser burned corneas).  This pretty much gave the impression of wearing a filthy grimy pair of old contacts for three days straight, with all the accompanying burning and pain, and none of the relief of knowing that I could take them out at any time!

I got the contacts out today and while I’m happy to report that my eyeballs aren’t killing me anymore, I can’t see any better than when I had them in :(  I intended to go to work today but its about all I can do to increase my screen fonts by about 600% and type this one message!  Although it does seem better now than it did a few hours ago, so that gives me hope that tomorrow I’ll be able to work without getting yelled at for something…. well at least not something related to not being able to see… … … …

But so far, I’m totally thrilled!  I can see myself in the mirror when I get ready in the morning, and I can … see!!  Even if my vision doesn’t turn out to be perfect (which is a risk I had to take!) I’m quite happy with what I expect the results to be!

I had to skip out of the last half of d-blog week, so I’ll be finishing up those posts sometime and posting them anyway, just because I enjoy having a topic to post about.. in case anyone found themselves here based on previous posts…

I’ll update more when I can see a little better!


D-Blog Week 2012! – Fantasy Diabetes Device

Today’s topic for Diabetes Blog Week is Fantasy Diabetes Device!

Today let’s tackle an idea inspired by Bennet of Your Diabetes May Vary.  Tell us what your Fantasy Diabetes Device would be?  Think of your dream blood glucose checker, delivery system for insulin or other meds, magic carb counter, etc etc etc.  The sky is the limit – what would you love to see?

I guess that to be stuck with diabetes is to be stuck with diabetes… so what could make that easier?

I think that the device that I would most like to see would be a glucometer that is actually accurate!  Its so scary to see those super highs or super lows and then have a second (or third) test tell you something completely different!  Its especially scary when I see a high number and know that if I had corrected for it I would be crashing.

Another device that would be wonderful would be something that can accurately calculate the amount of carbs in the serving of food on your plate.  I have no clue how that would be done, but gosh that would be nice.  Maybe something that takes a picture of what you’re eating and can somehow figure it out?  Yeah, I don’t see that happening, but it would be pretty cool!


D-Blog Week 2012! One Great Thing

Today’s D-Blog Week topic is “One Great Thing”

Living with diabetes (or caring for someone who lives with it) sure does take a lot of work, and it’s easy to be hard on ourselves if we aren’t “perfect”.  But today it’s time to give ourselves some much deserved credit.  Tell us about just one diabetes thing you (or your loved one) does spectacularly!  Fasting blood sugar checks, oral meds sorted and ready, something always on hand to treat a low, or anything that you do for diabetes.  Nothing is too big or too small to celebrate doing well!

I have to say that nothing I do for my diabetes is “perfect”… I think this is a disease that unfortunately just can’t be classified like that.  No matter what you do, no matter how hard you try, sometimes its just not going to work. Sometimes it does, though, so you have that to look forward to!

One thing that I feel has been helpful to me since my diagnosis though, is that being a diabetic makes me aware of what I’m putting in my mouth to eat!  I may not always eat what I should… I certainly don’t put down desserts like I should! … but I am hyper-aware of what I’m eating every day.  Every bite that I put into my mouth, be it good or bad, I have to account for.  I have to make a conscious decision as to whether or not that item will be good or bad for my blood sugar, and do I really feel like poking myself AGAIN just to be able to eat it??  Its much more difficult to hold yourself accountable for the foods you eat as a diabetic than if you are not.  Ahh to be able to just eat something without thinking about it first.. but we do what we have to.  And one a personal level, I kind of like having that little bit of structure to hold me up… usually!

D-Blog Week 2012! Find A Friend

I have a VERY bad tendency to do more blogging when I have a reason to… I guess that means I should be scouring the interwebs for memes and the like, but, alas, I do not.

But now I have a reason again!

This week kicks off the 3rd Annual Diabetes Blog week!  Started 2 years ago by Karen at Bitter Sweet Diabetes, this is a week when diabetes bloggers can post on a set of topics over the course of the week.  It brings the DOC a little bit closer… not that this group needs any help!

The topic for today is Find A Friend.  The idea is to write about a d-blog that you read that others might not know about, and share the love!  Or officially:

It seems the most popular thing about Diabetes Blog Week is that it helps us find blogs we weren’t reading yet and connect with some new blog friends.  With that in mind, let’s kick off Diabetes Blog Week by making some new connections.  Think about the d-blogs you read that you think we may not know about and introduce us to one that you love!!  Let’s all find a new friend today!    (Special thanks to Gina, everybody’s Diabetes BFF, for helping me title this post!)

Well, I feel like I went through and did all my searching a long time ago, so I’ll tell you instead of a couple of my favorites….

I’m sure most everyone has been to this one….Six Until Me was the first blog that I found after I was diagnosed.  At a time when I didn’t know really anything about what was going on, and didn’t really get enough information from my doctor’s, reading Kerri’s blog helped me figure out how to be a diabetic and be a normal person at the same time.  I found so much information in her pages, about so much, that it was just a wonderful discovery!  This blog is always on the top of my reading list!

One of my other favorites is Mike Lawson at What Some Would Call Lies.  His blog is so refreshingly… refreshing!  Its funny, sentimental, and best of all, honest,  This blog is one that I turn to when I need some real life amusement.

There are just so many people that I feel like I’ve come to know through their blogs.. I tend to be a lurker, but I love reading about so many people’s lives, and knowing that everyone is so much themselves, yet part of this great big whole community that I’m so happy to be a part of.

Looking forward to seeing everyone’s posts and finding some great new reads!